My degrees do not define me, but may help to signal my skills. I was born in Cerro Navia, Santiago, Chile. I am a Civil Engineer specialized in Hydraulics and Environmental Issues. I studied my bachelor degree in Engineering Sciences and my Professional Degree at the University of Chile. After working as an engineer, I decided to continue my studies at the University of Sydney where I obtained my Master of Applied Economics. Upon recommendation of my professors in Sydney, I moved to the University of Washington in the United States where I got my Master of Arts with mention in Economics and my Doctorate degree in Economics with fields in Macroeconomic Theory, Inequality and Poverty Reduction.

I enjoy reading political philosophy from Marxism to Capitalism, spending time with my family and sharing a cup of coffee with people who have similar or different ideas to my own. As long as you have critical thinking we can be friends.

In this website you can find my research, lecture notes, and opinions on economics and politics. To see more earthly aspects of my life, visit my Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Let the discussion begin!

Jorge Rojas-Vallejos